Business Areas

The Sweco Group’s business activities are organised in eight business areas: Sweco Sweden, Sweco Norway, Sweco Finland, Sweco Denmark, Sweco Netherlands, Sweco Belgium, Sweco United Kingdom and Sweco Germany & Central Europe. Each business area is headed by a Business Area President and a Business Area Finance Director.

At least three business area management meetings are held per year. Sweco’s President & CEO and CFO monitor the business areas by participating in business area management meetings with the relevant BA President and BA FD, as well as through ongoing contact. The President & CEO is also a member of the business area boards of directors. All business areas are subject to Sweco Group rules regarding division of responsibilities between the business area board of directors and the BA President. Each business area consists of one or more business division organised by area of expertise. Each division may be organised by region, department or group, depending on number of employees.