Transparency and responsibility are prerequisites for Sweco’s continued success as a decentralized company which has grown faster than most.

Sweco's business ethics framework

It should be easy to do business with Sweco. There isn’t any small group of executives who maintain all important client contacts. It is, rather, our 17,500 employees in their day-to-day meetings with clients who each assume major responsibility for their specific assignments.

This creates a great deal of flexibility, but also places high demands on our working procedures. 

Procedures for responsible business practices

All of Sweco’s operations are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations, just as they must comply with Sweco’s internal policies and guidelines. All employees are responsible for familiarising themselves and complying with these policies and guidelines.

Business ethics underpin Sweco’s entire operations. Executive Team meeting agendas include a mandatory item on business ethics, and CSR risks are reported on a quarterly basis to Sweco’s Board of Directors.

A business ethics compass for consultants’ daily work: Business ethics relates to how we do business, how we behave towards one another, how we manage the organisation’s resources and how we act in relation to our external environment. Having a well-articulated business ethics compass in place is essential to Sweco’s ability to perform its assignments. All Sweco employees undergo business ethics training.

Take part of documents relating to Sweco's ethics framework by going to the For Partners section on the website.