Focusing on the future as we have always done

Our history is really about the future. Being prepared for society´s needs and challenges has always been the foundation of our business. From the Industrial Revolution to today´s global urbanisation trend, we know that the communities and cities of tomorrow will always be different from those of yesterday – and that it will remain our job to stay one step ahead.

Our history is based on engineers and architects working across the globe.

Since our establishment in the late 19th century, these professions have evolved and are now crucial to today´s sustainable urban development.

Sweco has expanded continuously to meet customers’ needs for a wide range of specialist expertise. Since the early 2000s, Sweco has acquired nearly 100 companies.

Our capacity to grow through acquisition has propelled us to the leading position we hold today. Our philosophy when merging with other companies is that the sum is greater than its parts. This strategy has proved highly beneficial to our customers, colleagues and shareholders.


Our History

How did we become who we are?
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